Shirley Hartshorn Artwork "Bowl of Fruit" We’re proud to announce that one of Park Vista’s very own residents, Shirley Hartshornwas selected to display her artwork at the local Orange County Memories in the Making® Art Exhibition, held this year. The date and location have yet to be announced.  

Memories in the Making, the signature art program of Alzheimer’s Orange County (AlzOC®), provides meaningful activity for individuals with dementia by channeling their creative expression as a form of communication. Participants express themselves with paint and other media, often creating images that represent memories, hobbies, or an area of interest – in Shirley’s case, still life portraits of fruit arrangements.  

Each year, residents’ paintings are submitted to AlzOC for consideration in the Memories in the Making Art Exhibition, for which they are framed and displayed to promote Alzheimer’s awareness and to educate and engage the public. For those interested in supporting their local Alzheimer’s chapter and cheering on a local resident, Shirley’s art is available for purchase. 

Park Vista is a proud sponsor of the Alzheimers Association and supports its local Alzheimer’s Orange County chapter.