Dear Residents of ParkVista:

We wanted to update you on significant additional precautions we are putting into place this week consistent with CDC guidance and Governor Newsom’s direction that California residents over 65 years of age should self-isolate at home.

Although we are aware of no confirmed cases of COVID-19 on campus at this time, these steps are designed to address the reality that many other communities already have cases and ParkVista must be prepared for this possibility. If a resident were to test positive, we would follow the directives of federal and state health officials and the resident’s individual healthcare providers, which would include at a minimum quarantine in their home. To protect the privacy of residents, please understand that we would not be able to disclose any information about that individual.

Please be aware that we are prohibiting all non-essential visitors at this time, canceling all events and activities, and requesting that ParkVista residents also follow Governor Newsom’s directive to self-isolate and avoid unnecessary contact with others. The only visitors that will be considered for entry into the community are government and public health officials, and persons essential to ensure the needs of a person in care are met. In addition, we have suspended housekeeping (but not linen service) and other non-essential visits to your homes. Information related to changes to Dining consistent with the goal of self-isolation will be forthcoming later today. Finally, if you have non-emergency needs, please contact the Front Desk and preserve the emergency pendants and/or pull cords for emergency response.

Please also be aware that if you must leave the community, you will be subject to the same screening procedures we have instituted for visitors and employees. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you elect to leave the community to stay with friends or family, we ask that you let the Front Desk know and keep us informed as to your expected return date. This will help us to be more efficient providing ongoing services to residents and allow us to avoid unnecessary wellness checks.

We appreciate your understanding with these rapidly evolving events. Inevitably, there will be some disruption and perhaps disappointment. We need to remain focused on the most critical issues at this time, but will try to meet as many other non-essential needs as possible once we establish some new routines.

We will continue to update you as new relevant information is available. Thank you for your cooperation to keep our community healthy.

Haidy Andrawes